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Round Up: Ways to Level up Your Web Design In 2022


Technology advances at a breakneck pace, and website design has benefited as a result. To have more responsive features that affect the overall user experience, innovative design elements, and web design trends have been implemented and incorporated into websites over time. Modern website templates with user-friendly navigation and easy-to-understand website layouts have been made possible thanks to advancements in online technology. If your website lacks these features, your visitor conversion rate is likely to suffer.

This is why it's important to keep up with the new web design trends and innovations. It's critical to assess these design trends and consider how you can integrate them into your own website to increase functionality and efficiency.


“Every detail is important in modern web design. Micro-interactions in web pages are a great example of this, and they're set to become one of the biggest web design trends in 2022 and beyond. Micro-interactions are tiny information that gives users input about what they're doing on your website. This is intended to improve not only interactivity but also navigation and use of your portals. When you hover the mouse over a text that includes a clickable connection, the font colors change. This is an example of micro-interactions. Users will be informed that clicking on that text will take them to a new tab. There might also be a preview of the page being connected from your website in some of the more advanced interactions. This will give your website visitors a better understanding of what the linked page is about. Small details like this can have a big effect on the pages' overall user experience”

- Timothy Robinson, CEO of InVPN

Smart Content:

“Content has always reigned supreme but today this crucial component of the best website page design will play a larger role. To produce customized, smart content for the target audience, content developers and web designers must collaborate closely. Gone are the days when you could create content that was both static and evergreen. It is important that you adapt your content to meet the needs of your users. They won't be able to see the importance of staying on or engaging with your websites if you don't do this”

- Alex Claro, VPN Analyst at Creditdonkey

“You must gather information about your audience's user habits or browsing behavior to personalize content for them. This will give you an understanding of what users find useful or interesting, allowing you to create the coolest website designs that will please them. You can deliver content that is most appealing to them based on that information. This is a basic algorithm change that you can incorporate into your website's architecture, but it can have a big effect on the overall user experience”

- Miklos Zoltan, CEO & Cybersecurity Researcher at Privacy Affairs

“Data collection is an important part of creating smart content because it allows you to tailor content to your target audience. It's critical to be open and frank with them about this activity, particularly if you want to provide them with a better user experience. It's a good idea to give them a pop-up alert or a cookie warning about data collection and give them the option to opt-out”

- Darshan Somashekar, Founder & CEO at Solitaired


In the modern era, almost everyone can get details with a single click and in a matter of seconds. Ascertain that the design capabilities of your websites meet this requirement. Otherwise, you risk seeing your website traffic plummet.

“One of the leading web design trends for 2022 and beyond is the incorporation of chatbot capabilities into the website. People in today's digital world need to be able to access information in real-time and you accomplish this with the help of a website chatbot feature”

- Jolene Sim, Blog and Community Manager at Kegglers

Chatbots are necessary because they can provide fast answers to your website visitors, particularly if no one else is available to do so. They're particularly useful for resolving problems and having detailed responses to questions. Visitors are no longer turned off by chatbots, thanks to more advanced technologies. Your audience now feels as if they are interacting with a real person on your website using Chatbots”

- John Bertino, CEO of The Agency Guy


“Micro animation is an important aspect to include when developing modern websites. This has been used for a while, but the technology behind it, as well as how it is applied, will improve. In an e-commerce environment, micro animation technology would be more useful and practical. It improves a webpage's interactivity and gives users more input on their behavior. A retail store, for example, will use it to show how a specific piece of clothing would look when worn. When users interact with that product, micro animations for that product will appear”

- Erwin Caniba, Co-Founder of VPNThrive

Organic Shapes:

“The days of earlier web design shapes focused largely on lines and sharp angles are long gone. Websites nowadays prefer to use more organic shapes that blend in seamlessly with different elements on the page. Fluidity is advantageous not just in terms of a website's aesthetic appearance. It can also be used to describe a user's experience. The use of organic shapes makes it easier to navigate from one product on a website to the next; as a result, navigation is simplified”

- Amit Raj, Founder of Amit Digital Marketing

Color Psychology:

The colors you use on your website can have a big effect on how people behave and perceive you. You can use colors to influence website visitors and their behaviors by evoking those moods or emotions while designing websites in 2022 and beyond.

- Todd Perry, Head of Content at Outdoor Gadget Review

Smart Video:

Using video in your website design is thought to be a perfect way to attract and engage visitors. However, there is a way to improve the effectiveness of this marketing tool: make it smart. What does it mean to make an intelligent video? Its purpose-driven video content caters to the needs of your target audience. You won't get the same results simply by embedding a YouTube video on your home page. To represent your brand and marketing, your videos must be of high quality and well-thought-out.

- Matt Weidle, Business Development Manager at Buyer's Guide

Focus On Visitors, Not Bragging:

Many business websites focus on why the company or product is exceptional. This is a major turnoff for a buyer and a marketer. A more successful strategy is to explain how your business or product can help the visitor. What will the visitor get for their money? What are the ways it can make my life simpler, healthier, or less stressful? Usually, the visitors are in if you can straightforwardly tell me those things.

- Andrew Smith, Editor in Chief at CozySeating


“The preferences of website users have evolved in tandem with the advancement of website development technologies. Gradients aren't a brand-new concept. However, in web design trends for 2022 and beyond, the use of more subtle color overlays that add depth to a web page has advanced. As a result, your page will have more texture, making it stand out even more. It can make your website design visually stand out when combined with bold typography”

- Steve Scott, CTO at Spreadsheet Planet

Look At The Site As A User:

“Users can see what the owners are unable to. Cutting through the noise and simply and effectively telling people what your service or product does, examples of what you do, and why they should trust your brand is one way to shed light on owners. The maximum impact can be achieved by presenting content that meets the form after function principle. Visual design has a lot of influence as a differentiator, so don't undervalue it”

- Edward Mellett, Founder of

Dark Mode:

“Dark Mode is a new web design trend worth paying attention to in 2022. Although this isn't going to be the new norm for web design in the future, you should expect to see more websites that use it. The key explanation for this preference is that it aids in the reduction of eye pressure. It also gives the website a fresh look. Using the dark mode in conjunction with adequate white space, on the other hand, makes all other elements standout”

- Tony Kelly, Founder & CEO at CameraGroove

Focus on Optimization rather than Design:

“Focusing on optimization rather than a fancy design is one way to elevate your website design. When you get too caught up in the design details, it's easy to lose sight of the importance of making the website user-friendly. I've seen a lot of major venture-backed brands spend a lot of money and time on complex designs rather than optimization. The most effective formula for success is still easy, elegant, and optimized”

“In addition, I discovered the value of devoting equal time to desktop and mobile design. It's no secret that the majority of shoppers choose to shop on their smartphones. This should be the most user-friendly and well-optimized section of your website. The most important thing to remember here is to keep your scrolling to a minimum. Make the checkout process as simple as possible for your potential customer to complete their transaction”

- Chris Nutbeen, Founder & CEO of Nuttifox


There are many exciting web design developments on the horizon, and 2022 will undoubtedly be another year of significant advancement in the website design industry. Examine these style trends to see how you can better apply them to your websites and reap the benefits. They're here to stay, and they'll undoubtedly usher in more new revolutions on the internet and online business.