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13 Essential Plugins to have for your WordPress Site


WordPress, as you see on our journey, is a content management tool that can make life easier for anyone who owns a website or blog. However, there are still extra features in the system that can be useful for your page. These features are the plug-ins. They work as software installed on WordPress, with specific benefits that will make your site even better.

The variety is excellent, but to facilitate your search for the ideal plug-ins, we have selected 13WordPress plug-ins that your site needs to use with caution. Check out my list of 13 essential WordPress plugins.

1 - Yoast SEO

William Cannon, CEO of Signaturely says “Yoast SEO plug-in allows you to configure your SEO analysis options. It also promotes individual evaluations of each content added, indicating the strengths and recommending ways to improve the weaknesses to optimize that content”

Will further adds “Yoast SEO facilitates some SEO tasks by offering various tools to improve your website's SEO through customizing meta tags, page redirects, and connections to Google Search Console (which also helps optimize your website with popular media platforms Social)”

2 - W3 Total Cache

Peter Schoeman, Founder of The Dog Adventure says “W3 Total Cache is a plug-in that, through the administration of cached data, increases the website's speed. It is thus providing a better experience and navigability for visitors.  It improves your website's user experience and SEO by increasing website performance and reducing load times by leveraging features like content delivery network (CDN) integration and the latest most beneficial practices”

Peter further adds “W3TC is the only web host agnostic Web Performance Optimization (WPO) framework for WordPress trusted by millions of web developers, publishers,  and web hosts worldwide for many years. It is the total performance answer for optimizing your WordPress Website”

3 - Safe Redirect Manager

Do you know the idea of ​​changing the site and having to prepare all the URLs? With this plugin, you can easily change your site without losing a URL on Google. With it, we don't need to change the .htaccess file to redirect one or several files. For those who work with SEO, it is essential.

Jonathan S of Kids Car Canada says “WordPress Related Posts can bring many benefits to your site, as it helps to engage readers who visit the page. This is possible because, at the end of each article, other posts on the site related to that content are suggested”

5 - Disqus

Disqus is a comment management system. It has several features, such as sharing the content when the user comments, adding images, among others.

6 - Flare

Flare helps you gain greater visibility for your website. With it, you can create sharing buttons for your posts on the main social networks.

7 - Contact Form

Contact Form makes it possible to create contact forms and generate leads for your website. All in a straightforward and fast way, without the need to work with codes. We recommend installing Contact Form DB. This extension allows you to record all emails sent in a database exported in CSV and TXT.

8 - Google Tag Manager for WordPress

Julien Raby, CEO of Thermogears says “One of the easiness of this plug-in, which we have used in some projects at the agency, ish it, it is possible to insert only one code on the website. Through it, we insert the other principles (Google Analytics, Remarketing Pixel, Facebook Pixel, Click Track), and we still have a quick page load”

Julien further adds “If you need to change the Analytics code or even add a new script for remarketing, access the Google Tag Manager platform and insert the code there. With this, all your pages will have the code changed”

9 - Image Magnify

Image Magnify is an essential plug-in for anyone who has an online store or performs any product sale on the internet. It works as a zoom tool, allowing the user to enlarge specific contents through a lens.

10 - Akismet

Bram Jansen, Chief Editor of vpnAlert says “Akismet is possibly the best way for you to protect your site from spam in comments and trackbacks. It keeps your website protected even when you are sleeping. Avoid spam comments; we all hate them. Words at this level only damage our image as website owners”

Akismet is one of the easiest WordPress plugins to use. It starts filtering spam comments as soon as you install and activate. Akismet automatically analyzes comments for spam and offers the option to review approved statements before publication. Each word also has a status history, so you can see how it’s working and how much spam has been filtered.

Akismet offers this protection for free, and if you think you need the premium version, it is reasonably priced.

11 - BuddyPress

Closing the list of the best plug-ins, we have BuddyPress. He should become your great friend when interacting with your website, and its respective contents, to the main social networks. Also, it has excellent resources for anyone who wants to include a forum on their page.

12 - WP Cerber

Gregory Markov, CEO of WP Cerber says “Whether you’re selling products on your site or just blogging from time to time, keeping your site safe should be your number one priority. WP Cerber makes this easy by offering security solutions to protect you from malware threats, brute force attacks, DDoS, and many others”

Gregory further adds “WP Cerber also offers a built-in firewall protection service and takes preventative measures to keep your website safe at the server level, most of the time before you know the problems”

13 - WooCommerce

Rodney Yo, Owner of Best Online Traffic School “WooCommerce offers a complete and complete solution for managing e-commerce on your website. A free version is offered that includes everything needed to sell physical or digital products and accept payments to get your website up and running. WooCommerce can handle everything from inventory management to shipping integration”