Download Best Free Wordpress Themes and Plugins [2019]

Starting a new blog to attract or create an audience? Need a new portfolio site for your freelange graphic design business? Or just a place for keeping a journal or offering services?

Wordpress is still the #1 platform for doing it. It's easy to use, cheap and great for starting out if you're not that tech literate. It's great to start doing content marketing for b2c or b2b to get first customers or clients.

Best Free Wordpress Themes


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Preview / Download wordpress theme  0008 Sydney


Preview / Download wordpress theme  0007 storefront


Preview / Download wordpress theme  0006 generatepress


Preview / Download wordpress theme  0010 ashe

Rife Free

Preview / Download wordpress theme  0005 rife free


Preview / Download wordpress theme  0004 airi


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Best Premium Wordpress Themes

#1 Salient - Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme ($60)

Preview / Buy salient1 salient wordpress theme

#2 BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme ($59)

Preview / Buy betheme

#3 The7 - Website Building Toolkit for WordPress ($39)

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Reasons why WordPress is the best platform to start with

It is a Content Management System, so all your content will be in the admin/backend of the website.You can showcase articles, image galleries, case studies, videos, podcasts, anything and any type of content you actually need to succeed and achieve your goals or KPIs.

Depending on your level, you can find any question you may have on Google about Wordpress. If you're starting out, you can find many guides that start from basics level to advanced. You can play with themes and templates to learn as well. If you're into e-commerce or have an online business, it's easy to put that MVP live.

Hosting your Wordpress site

If you have the technical skills, you should host your website by yourself. The biggest benefit is that you will have full control over anything you want or need, no limitations. The downside is, you need to maintain and update the plugins and the server. There's also some hosting cost here, but GoDaddy or Bluehost have cheap hosting deals you can use. They also offer One Click WP Installs, making it easy to run a site without much of tech knowledge.

How WordPress works

There are 2 ways of using it, you can use their hosting service or self-host it yourself (install it on your own server) - If you have absolutely no technical skills, the hosted version is for you. If you like to play, learn development or know how to code and set up servers, the self-hosted open source version is for you.

Community is huge, you have support and answers for anything you need or have problems or questions with

As WP runs more than 33% of the internet websites, you know that a lot of people are using it and had similar problems or questions as you will. That means that you'll be able to find an answer and fix things fast.

If by any change you will need any development work you will easily find a Wordpress Developer or an Implementor to help. You can find talent locally or find someone remote. There are also some job posting services like UpWork where you can find freelance developers for great prices.

Is Wordpress security high

Yes and no. Each time you install a plugin, you lower the security of your site. The more plugins the more change you give hackers to be successful. As WP is so popular and there are thousands of plugins, it's a great target for spammers etc. You also have security plugins that save you from bad bots, DDOS attacks and hackers.

Remember to always update your plugins to the latest versions. These updates contain not just added functions and bug fixes but also patch security holes and speed up the performance of your website.

How to use Wordpress

Once the site is live it's easy to add content, change theme settings and branding. Everything is done after you log in to your admin account.

Wordpress has a WYSIWYG editor, where you can write or paste content to, an Image gallery where you add media and a whole lot of other things.

If you need anything specific, there's probably a plugin you can use to extend the functionality of the website and add more features, options and settings. Anything can be done in WP.

Best Wordpress plugins to start with

Google Analytics

One of the first things to install is an Analytics plugin, you use to track your visitors' behaviour, where they come from, what they look at and how long they stay. Based on that you can improve your content or monetize your traffic with for example Adsense. - Google Analytics for Wordpress


This is a really popular all-in-one WordPress plugin for design, marketing, sharing, socials and security. Great to have and makes things easier to setup the basics. It also has a backup feature. So if things go back you can revert to a previous state of your site. - Download Jetpack

Mailchimp for WP

Email list and creating an audience is one of the higher things on a checklist that you need to do when starting a blog or a website. Mailchimp is one of the popular newsletter services and it also offers automation. You could offer a free ebook, guides,... for peoples emails and with that create leads to either sell products or services to. OR you can just create a following and sell some sponsored content to the list while bringing them value with your content. - MailChimp for Wordpress

Get contacted by your visitors

You can either have an email listed somewhere (expect spam if you just post an email on your site) or you can have a Contact form on your page that has spam protection. This plugin does exactly that and comes with some really nice settings. You can also use it for various things like surveys or bookings as you can design and order the fields you need. - Contact Form 7

Rank Math SEO plugin

A great thing for content marketing strategy of a blog is to also think about search engine optimization. There are many paid and free tools out there but for on page SEO, this plugin is one of the best. Focused keywords, post length and 30+ ranking factors are tracked and you get a score of your post from 0 to 100. The higher it is, the more chance you have of ranking successfully. - Rank Math

Use HubSpot if you're doing marketing

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing service for live chat, lead generation analytics and contact information. This plug-in integrates their software with your site for free so you can use their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) without any problems. HubSpot Integration

Downlaod the Best Premium or Free Website Builders

Divi by element themes

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