How to make the world's best paper airplane for distance

Paper airplanes are one of those things we've all been building when we were little and they still are one of the coolest things if you're an adult.

Below I'll show you a variety of long distance paper aircraft planes which you can DIY with just a piece of paper. Preferably use a bit thicker one for weight but experimenting is key here to get the best results.

Their flight path will be long and some can even fly up to 100 feet/30 meters or more at high speeds and straight.

If you’re a father, you should teach your children to make paper airplanes as it will help with their skills and even better, get them away from the video games, apps or TV and out in the open.

Design your own paper airplane

Once you create your plane, you can paint it or draw something on it as well. Whatever you create, you can make it look pretty awesome even with just a coloured paper. Black paper works nice but if it is too thick, the fold make start to crack on the edge or it may get bulky.

Craft of my favourite paper airplanes

Start with a letter or A4 size of paper.

IMG 7835

Fold your paper in half on the long side.

IMG 7837

Fold the top edge of the paper down about 2 inches.

IMG 7838

From the top, create another edge and fold it to make this part twice thicker.

IMG 7839

Fold this part again one more time to make it thicker even more.

IMG 7840

To create the wings, fold the top corners away/behind the paper to the center line.

IMG 7841

Now fold the paper plane again in half towards you.

IMG 7842

To create the wings, you need to fold the both sides and bend the edges. This will help with the speed. The body should be around half an inch wide.

Tip: As the body to wing ratio is one of the important things that make the plane fly longer distances, you can experiment with this part.

IMG 7844

Add the "flaps" as well (about 1/2 Inches) to improve the planes flight attributes. Here's a photo of how I use a ruler to make the flap.

IMG 7845

IMG 7846

Congrats, you’ve successfully crafted your paper airplane glider. Have fun and enjoy playing with it.

IMG 7847

I've used a paper that is too thick in the tutorial above but you should try and make one with a 80gsm, 100gsm or 120gsm paper for best results. A +180gsm paperweight is too much especially for this kind of paper aircraft model.

Tips on improving the paper airplane distance and craftsmanship

One of the good things to note when trying these out is that they fold when making the airplane need to be precise and clean. Make sure you take special care when doing the wings and the nose.

For the longer folds like the wings and body you can use a ruler and fold the paper over it as well. Then you can also use the edge of the ruler or something hard to make the fold sharp lines.

I also suggest using a cutting matt that has the grid showing measures (inch or cm) to make the crafting of planes easier, more efficient and consistent.

When you throw the plane, you need to have a technique as well (just like throwing a ball) and you want to have a smooth acceleration of it.

If the plane goes to the left or right too much, it will fall down sooner.

The angle of the wings is important because it sets the plane’s direction so bend the wings a bit or align them more, to straighten the flight path.

Adjustments like these and experimentation are necessary to get better results.

The planes nose, wing, fuselage and tail all help with reaching a high distance.

The wind is also another factor to take into account so throwing it indoor will make it fly further than throwing it outdoors.

Adults started to use science to make the best paper aeroplanes with great result. These paper aircraft come in various shapes and sizes and aren’t that hard to make with tutorials and video guides.

Takeaways & Conclusion

Distance is one of the most desirable traits a good paper airplane has

The more planes you make, the better and cleaner you will make them increase their flight time and distance.

Best paper airplanes are those you take special care when creating them.

Let me know if you want to make more, there are also some paper plane championships and blueprints of world record paper plane you can build.

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