[TOP] My 10 best branding books of all time

If you are starting a new business, or if you are a marketing or design firm creating helping to start one for your client, and you don't know where to start, first reach for knowledge and information. The best thing to do is to look for insightful and actionable brand strategy books to help you get started. These are great books for designers, marketers and business owners and will help you improve your skills or your career.

Here is a collection of the most popular ones that bring results, and their information will remain with you for years to come and still be relevant.

My friend Robert Ilovar who is a brand identity designer and consultant helped share some of these great books.

What are the best books about branding?

This golden collection contains the best books on branding for both beginners and experts or marketing veterans.

Start With Why by Simon Sinek

Start with why from Simon is the answer to the beginning of everything you will ever do.

It goes deep into the crucial issues that are connected to your own existence and your own being. Once you have found the emotion and feeling that drives your actions, things will happen quickly and easily. More difficult things will be meaningful, and you will be able to influence your employees and other companies as they will be able to support your goal. This is a book that is a must read and with which the wave of greatness begins.

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Brand Gap by Martu Neumeier

Brand gap from Marty combines strategy and design to create a brand that customers will find essential to their lives.

You will learn about differentiation, collaboration, innovation, validation and cultivation. It is important to know that it is not what you tell others about yourself that is a brand, but what others think, talk and feel about you that creates a brand. You can never create a brand, but you can influence it. Great book for those who are new to brand building and brand marketing.

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Building a Storybrand by Donald Miller

Building A StoryBrand from Donald shows how you can connect with your customers through storytelling.

This is a communication book that shows a process that works, has proven itself and is repeatable. Seven universal story points are required for your customer to begin to respond to you on a deeper emotional level. If you have difficulty explaining what you do as a business, this book is essential. You will be able to create the most effective messaging for your website, social media or any other marketing channel. Give your customers added value and they will take care of your business.

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What are other great books brand strategy?

  1. Start With Why by Simon Sinek
  2. The Brand Gap by Marty Neumeier
  3. Building A StoryBrand by Donald Miller
  4. Brand Thinking by Debbie Millman
  5. Power Branding by Steve McKee
  6. What Great Brands Do by Denise Lee Yohn
  7. Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler & Debbie Millman
  8. Identity Designed by David Airey
  9. Logo Design Love by David Airey
  10. Hello, My Name Is Awesome by Alexandra Watkins

Takeaways from these brand strategy books

A brand is all about emotions, and design is all about making these emotions tangible, so it's no wonder that branding is created by combining these two areas. It's wise to study some of the best graphic design books, which may also be necessary to understand the whole complex process of brand building.

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