[Download] 10+ Amazing Neon Wallpapers and Backgrounds in HD and 4K

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We've spotted an amazing new design trend and collected some of our favourite wallpapers for you. The 80s neon wallpapers are back and they look amazing on a mobile phone screen, such as the iPhone.

These are darker images, that have a fluorescent light glow on them. Some are inspired by the 1980s feel, others by the famous games like Tron. There's also some nice 3D art that looks like it's been made on an old Atari computer.

Neon Backgrounds on Mobile Phones

As the contrast on these dark backgrounds is so big, the high saturated colours really stand out. Smartphones have a high-resolution screen with many pixels, so the images have that retina style crispness in them and sharpness. Some 4K phones have an even greater pleasure of viewing these.

These images will also look nice behind all the icons you have on the screen as they're really simple. Not many elements or busy things on them.

Today's desktop screens are retina as well, but because of the strong contrast and saturated colors it's a bit harder to look at these backgrounds if you're working. But this could be a personal preference.

Here are some of our favourites you can download for free:

How Neon Signs are Made

So we can appreciate art or craft more it's a good thing to learn more about it.

The craft of neon sign starts with the material. It starts with glass tubes that are about 8-15 mm in diameter. They come straight and are heated with a variety of burners depending on the shape and part of the sign that needs to be created. Glass blowing can also be used. They can be shaped into line art or letters and once done they're them filled with inert gas.

An electric current is then put through the tube which flows through the gas, reacting and making it glow. Depending on what kind of gas is used is, you can have a variety of different colours. For example, argon is blue, neon is red. Also mixing gas with the colour of the glass can bring out more colors like fluorescent.

Neon photo backgrounds

neon tunnel

dosomething great

neon party

neon subway

Retro wave HD desktop wallpaper

The Tron world is amazing, and this 80s background is inspired by it. Although a bit more modern, the style and wibe it's giving out is cool. A great landscape with a colourful sky just pulls you towards the centre composition.

Retrowave wallpaper

Vaporwave bg

Vaporwave is a really small genre of electronic music. As it's also become an internet meme, it comes with its own graphical design style (in some cases) in other it doesn't really have much in common with it. It's a trend that may soon be gone. It probably started with music single cover images.

vaporwave background

Nature Neon Background 1920x1080 by redheadsoldier

Neon Background Another calmer Tron style HD background with a more linear and calmer landscape. This one has some a nice river which makes the contract flow nicely.

1980s neon sign Mobile Background

Neon signs are amazingly made, they're glass that's been heated up so it could be bent. It's an old art, that's still strongly visually appealing to watch. It works really well on brick wall because of the shadows usually red ambient lights cast. 1980s neon sign Mobile Background

80's Neon Sun - Tron Style

How would a digital sun look like if it's been made with low spec computers almost 40 years ago? A nice and real technical geeky feel of this one. Tron Neon wallpaper

How to make a Neon Wallpaper in Photoshop

A great and detailed video of how to use neon style graphic design and tools to create striking images in Adobe Photoshop. It's about 8 minutes long but worth every second to watch and learn.

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